Amorim Flooring partners with Architectural Systems, Inc.

8 04 2009

Amorim Flooring North America, Inc. has appointed Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI, as its distributor in the commercial segment of Wicanders cork flooring.   ASI will cover the  Metro New York and New Jersey areas.

asi-a-logo-with-dotsFounded in 1990, ASI has been known from the start for its fresh, innovative solutions for commercial interiors.  Today, the company’s products are confidently specified by the foremost architecture & design firms and installed globally in major retail, entertainment, hospitality, corporate, healthcare, education and institutional projects.

ASI’s clients return again and again for ASI’s extensive product expertise, professionalism, commitment to service, and collective eye for what’s next®, and the ability to find it all in one place.  Founders nancyron3Nancy Jackson (President) and Ron Jackson (CEO) are design advocates who help their clients materialize their vision and have worked with the most prestige clientele.  ASI’s team of experts has been recognized for their involvement in every part of the contract project process from concept to installation.  Their innovative style and established relationships in the A& D community distinguish them from the rest.  Their exceptional knowledge of the industry is known globally and sets trends before anyone recognizes them as trends.

 Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI), a family business, is acclaimed by the industry as a leading provider of architectural materials including sustainable products.

Amorim’s international flooring portfolio is known for its unique ecological properties, aesthetic design and technical attributes. 

This new strategic partnership reinforces the demand for high quality eco-efficient flooring solutions, and will strengthen Wicanders’ presence in the New York and New Jersey markets.

We welcome ASI to our family.

Team WIcanders

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How Green is “Green” When Specifying Flooring?

12 12 2008

Consumers across the nation are “going green.”  They are making environmentally friendly choices and buying green products.  When companies claim that their products are green, it is important to do research before you make a purchase.  Mike Holmes, contractor and TV show host of Holmes on Homes wrote an article called Going natural requires some detective work.  He offers 5 questions to ask before making an environmentally-responsible flooring purchase.  And we are proud to tell you, Wicanders passed the test with flying colors!


Is the method of harvesting eco-friendly? Different materials have different effects on the environment. Holmes says “The processing required to get marble or slate out of the ground isn’t so earth-friendly, and the methods of harvesting some hardwood forests, say in Brazil, are questionable.”  But here at Team Wicanders, we know that Cork Oak Trees are harvested by hand, by generations of farmers who’s families have worked with the Montado forests for many years. In fact, more than 100,000 people depend on cork production.

Are the methods of processing and shipping the product responsible? While it’s true that cork is shipped from Portugal, independent studies have shown that even with transport, cork has a negative carbon footprint- meaning that its use is actually beneficial for the earth by retaining CO2  –these forests are responsible for nearly 4.8 million tons of the world’s CO2 retention per year, and trees survive naturally for 150-250 years without any use of synthetic or chemical herbicides, fertilizers or irrigation. ‘The Economics of Climate Change’ report, also called the  Stern Review, stresses that deforestation, which contributes 20-25% of global carbon dioxide emissions annually, adds more to global emissions each year than all the world’s transportation!

Our beautiful Wicanders Cork Oak floors are made from the by-products of cork bottle stopper production!  And, Wicanders floors use Acrodur®, a purely water-based Eco-friendly binder by BASF. It contains no solvents such as the often used phenol-formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resins that give off harmful emissions. In a study done by Amorim, the production, use and disposal of wood floors yield 2.5 to 4 times more CO2 equivalents (per square meter) than cork flooring.  Luxury vinyl tiles produce 6.5 to 11 times more!

How is the product installed? Wicanders floors are quicker and easier to install than ever before. With their patented CORKLOC-design, Wicanders flooring saves time, energy, and reduces installation expense.  This easy installation paired with the durability of Wicanders tough, resilient surface finishes means that you won’t have to replace your floors any time soon.  Just another reason Wicanders flooring is sustainable.

How do you maintain the product? In order to maintain Wicanders Cork Oak Floors, all you need is a vacuum (or broom!) and a damp cloth…no harsh cleaning products, waxes or sealants for these floors! It couldn’t be more simple.

Is the material renewable? Harvesting stone or marble is not very Eco-friendly, because once those materials are removed from the earth, they do not come back.  When harvesting trees for hardwood floors, trees are cut down and take many years to grow back.  Cork Oaks are not cut down, only their bark is harvested every 9 years, and the cork grows back!

Don’t forget that Wicanders products count towards LEED credits for “Indoor Environmental Quality, Materials and Resources, Recycled Content, Rapidly Renewable Materials, Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants, and Innovation in Design!”  To learn more about Wicanders flooring, check out the 2007 Sustainability report (which you can find on the column to the right, labeled “corporate”)

These five questions are a great checklist for any and all of your next “green” purchases. Do you have another way to keep yourself in check? Let us know! We would love to hear!


Team Wicanders

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Thanks for coming to see us at Greenbuild!

8 12 2008

For those of you who made it, thank you for visiting our booth at Greenbuild! We were so excited to share with you the sustainability of Amorim’s cork products, and how they represent a unique balance between the creation of wealth and the protection of the environment.

While we all know that cork flooring is environmentally friendly because it’s bark is extracted from the cork oak trees, without ever harming them, there are many other benefits and features that make our Wicanders flooring truly stand out.

Wicanders Cork Oak Floors have received the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® product performance certification and all Wicanders products use Acrodur®, a purely water-based eco-friendly binder by BASF that contains no solvents such as the often used phenol-formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resins that give off harmful emissions. And with the best residential and commercial warranties in our industry, Wicanders is the perfect natural choice for all your green building projects.  Whether it’s in your next hospital, university, or retail installation, you can’t go wrong with Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring!

To the newcomers we met, we hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did…And for those of you who didn’t make it, we hope to see you next year!
Team Wicanders

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Cork Plank with Micro Bevel. A New Dimension in Cork Flooring

8 09 2008

Look what we’ve been up to! You know we never rest when it comes to the latest innovations in cork oak flooring. You’re going to love building green with our new Cork Plank…just as nature intended.

ANNOUNCING: Wicanders Series 100 Cork Plank with Micro Bevel.

Cork Plank Collection

Cork Plank President Collection

Cork Plank—a narrow board at 4 3/8 inches wideis produced and packaged in the USA. Our narrow planks represent a smart  mix of refined class and organic design. Aesthetically, this innovative size works in combination with cork oak’s timeless charm to create a highly personal touch so popular today in homes just like yours.

Our newest member of the Wicanders’ cork oak family boasts 12 stunning colors, including some of the most fashionable colors in flooring. Cork Plank is available in retail stores across the US right now.

Made with cutting edge technology that improves on our patented CorkLoc® floating floor system, Cork Plank’s “angle-drop” click allows for a faster and easier installation over virtually any subflooring system. Installers will love it because it’s very user-friendly!

Cork Plank’s four unique collections—Originals, Moods, Traces, and President—are all protected by Wicanders’ Xtreme WRT (Wear Resistant Technology) finish. WRT is a ceramic micro-bead innovation that is 4x more wear resistant than any in its class. WRT is also available on Wicanders Series 100 floors for commercial and residential applications.

12 Stunning Cork Plank Colors

12 Stunning Cork Plank Colors

Also recently introduced in the US, all of Wicanders’ flooring collections, including Cork Plank, are now made with Acrodur®, an Eco-technology by BASF. Acrodur® is a water-based, eco-friendly binder used in the agglomeration process. Acrodur® is 100% formaldehyde free which promotes superior eco-efficiency and energy savings.

Cork Plank is micro beveled on four sides, ushering in a new look for our Wicanders Cork Oak floors.  For high-moisture environments like kitchens and entryways, a glueless joint sealant called Click Seal® can be applied to the tongue side of the planks during installation, offering a virtually waterproof flooring application.

Moods Collection, Tea

Moods Collection, Tea

Like the other members of our Wicanders’ family, Cork Plank enjoys the many outstanding characteristics of cork oak.  Environmentally friendly and efficient, cork oak is a renewable and sustainable resource. Made of renewable raw material, cork absorbs CO2, reversing the effect of VOC emissions for healthier living.

New Cork Plank with Micro Bevel carries with it a 15 Year Residential Warranty, and a 5 Year Light Commercial Warranty.

To download a Cork Plank brochure, click here, or email us at

Amorim Flooring North America is a proud member of the US Green Building Council, but you already knew that!

Until our next innovation…

Team Wicanders

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Wicanders: ‘Remodeler’s Choice’ product for May

12 06 2008

The votes are in… In an online poll conducted in January, Qualified Remodeler readers have chosen Wicanders Cork Oak Floors as the ‘Remodeler’s Choice’ product for May.

The Wicanders flooring collection generated the highest amount of requests of any other product featured in the January issue. It was chosen by readers because cork oak is a sustainable resource that balances natural beauty and environmental responsibility, and it also absorbs acoustic vibrations, reduces allergens, and prevents thermal transfer, which reduces energy costs.

“What makes Wicanders different from other cork flooring is the finishes that come overtop of it,” explains Ronit McGuthrie, marketing manager for Wicanders. “For instance, we sell the Series 100 flooring with a WRT ceramic microbead finish and that makes it different from other residential cork floorings that usually use an acrylic-based varnish on top of theirs. The ceramic makes the actual floor finish much more matte, stronger and more durable than flooring made with acrylic.

To read the full article, please visit the Qualified Remodeler’s Web site and for more information on our products and to see our latest collections, please visit

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A New Resource for Architects & Designers

2 06 2008

Hi everyone!

Here at Team Wicanders, we’re proud to announce a new feature we’ve recently added to our blog, in order to share some insight with the trade.

We’ve sponsored a free online AIA Continuing Education course for architects and designers entitled Cork Oak Flooring: Properties, Finishes, and Acoustical Solutions”, presented by our own Paulo Nogueira, Managing Director of Amorim Flooring N.A.

The course provides an overview of the cork transformation process, the natural properties of cork, types of Cork Oak flooring products, along with a discussion on the comfort of cork and the available wear-resistant finishes and acoustical solutions.

You can find links to the course right here on our blog. The course is free and available on demand, so you can take it at your time and pace. It also counts towards AIA/CES, CSI and/or State licensing continuing education credits, and the exam is available upon completion of the course.

To find out more, just visit our Architects & Designers page.

Team Wicanders

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A partnership for Sustainability

8 02 2008

You already knew that cork oak was environmentally friendly. But now cork flooring gets even greener, thanks to a unique technological breakthrough in its manufacturing process.

In an exclusive partnership, Amorim Flooring—creator of Wicanders and the world’s largest Cork and Wood-on-Cork flooring producer in the world—and BASF—the world’s leading chemical company—are proud to present the next generation of flooring and wall covering cork products. Acrodur® is a water-based binder developed by BASF that replaces traditional resins used to manufacture flooring and contains no ingredients such as phenol, formaldehyde or isocyanate and significantly reduces the level of emissions without compromising the technical performance of the products.

In 2007, BASF conducted an Eco-Efficiency Analysis to determine exactly how eco-friendly cork oak flooring is. Compared to other types of flooring, the study revealed that cork consumes less resources, generates lower emissions and retains CO2 (that would otherwise contribute to global warming) and saves homeowners money because it acts as a natural insulator, trapping heat and bringing down utility bills.There you have it. With Acrodur®, cork is now greener than ever before, while still proving a stylish, durable, warm, and long-lasting flooring alternative. Now wouldn’t you just love to come home to that?


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