Corkcomfort in South Africa’s First Green Hotel

16 12 2009
Cape Town, South Africa – 

Hollow on the Square Hotel

Located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, Hollow on The Square is a 4 star city hotel designed by M&B Architects & Interiors offering 114 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, all designed for comfort and tranquility.  The newly added eco-friendly rooms were conceived using nature as inspiration and incorporate materials that reflect natural comfort.

M&B chose Wicanders Corkcomfort products as an innate fit for this project.  Over 8,600 square feet of Wicanders Cork flooring cover the guest rooms, hallways and elevators, earning praise from a number of visiting guests.  Products used include Corkcomfort HPS Identity Spice, HPS Identity Chestnut and WRT Linn Sepia.  

The elegance of these materials and others used at the Hollow on The Square, M&B House, as well as the suave colors and distinctive décor, bring in a sense of total serenity, persuading visitors to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

View more projects using Wicanders Cork Flooring by visiting our Press Room.


Amorim Flooring partners with Architectural Systems, Inc.

8 04 2009

Amorim Flooring North America, Inc. has appointed Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI, as its distributor in the commercial segment of Wicanders cork flooring.   ASI will cover the  Metro New York and New Jersey areas.

asi-a-logo-with-dotsFounded in 1990, ASI has been known from the start for its fresh, innovative solutions for commercial interiors.  Today, the company’s products are confidently specified by the foremost architecture & design firms and installed globally in major retail, entertainment, hospitality, corporate, healthcare, education and institutional projects.

ASI’s clients return again and again for ASI’s extensive product expertise, professionalism, commitment to service, and collective eye for what’s next®, and the ability to find it all in one place.  Founders nancyron3Nancy Jackson (President) and Ron Jackson (CEO) are design advocates who help their clients materialize their vision and have worked with the most prestige clientele.  ASI’s team of experts has been recognized for their involvement in every part of the contract project process from concept to installation.  Their innovative style and established relationships in the A& D community distinguish them from the rest.  Their exceptional knowledge of the industry is known globally and sets trends before anyone recognizes them as trends.

 Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI), a family business, is acclaimed by the industry as a leading provider of architectural materials including sustainable products.

Amorim’s international flooring portfolio is known for its unique ecological properties, aesthetic design and technical attributes. 

This new strategic partnership reinforces the demand for high quality eco-efficient flooring solutions, and will strengthen Wicanders’ presence in the New York and New Jersey markets.

We welcome ASI to our family.

Team WIcanders

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Wicanders Shines on HGTV

15 01 2009

Here we are on the video screen again. Favored by architects and interior designers for its sustainability, sound insulation, scratch resistance, and easy maintenance, it’s no wonder Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring is a shining star yet again on HGTV.

In this episode of Rip & Renew, expert carpenter James Lunday and designer Michelle Carano team up to give homeowner Erica Von Der Leith’s “secret” room a custom look by using  Wicanders Series 100 Originals Collection in “Symphony” with our amazing WRT finish. Even an experienced carpenter like James is impressed at how Wicanders’ CorkLoc system is so easy to install and how it has such a beautiful, seamless finish.

See for yourself how Wicanders transforms the Von Der Leith’s “secret” room into a gorgeous playroom their children will enjoy for many years to come!

And don’t forget to check back often, as we have many new and exciting collections coming your way in 2009.


Team Wicanders

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Wicanders Cork Oak Floors are Perfect for Kids Rooms & Play Areas!

30 10 2008

When different and unique things complement each other, we all feel balanced and harmonious.

That’s what Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring is all about. If you are a frequent visitor here, you know we can’t blog enough about our floors…because we love the pairing of sustainable design and art, and the benefits of green building working hand-in-hand with modern design.

One of our favorite relationships is between Wicanders Cork Oak Floors and Children.  As we all know, kids love to run, jump, and play hard on floors. Our floors are soft and absorb shock, so the little ones are less likely to get hurt doing what they naturally love to do.  Kids also are more likely than adults to pick up germs and viruses. Our cork oak floors are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic. Kids can be loud. Our floors dramatically reduce impact sound and reflected noise.  In fact, our cork oak floors are often used to diminish the echo effect in large corridors and hallways, as well as specialty rooms such as libraries (like the Library of Congress), classrooms, theaters and children’s museums.

Amazement Square's Wicanders Floors

Amazement Square Children's Museum & Wicanders Cork Oak Floors

Want to check out some real life examples of harmony in action?  Amazement Square, a hands-on children’s museum and interactive learning playground in Lynchburg, VA, chose our Series 1000 Originals Collection in Natural to cover approximately 5,000 square feet of the museum’s high traffic areas.  The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, in Brighton, UK, chose our Series 4000 for their central atrium area where lots of kids play, so they don’t disturb the other little kids trying to get well. This busy pediatrics hospital won an International Health Care Award, in recognition of its innovative design and promotion of health and well being.

Children's Hospital Play Area

Award-Winning Children's Hospital Chose Wicanders Cork Oak Floors

So when you think about it, installing Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring in places where little kids play (and big kids, too!) is a pretty good idea.

Here’s to keeping our little ones safe, healthy, and happy! Cheers!

Team Wicanders

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Wicanders’ Cork Oak is Green, Beautiful and Tough!

24 10 2008

While browsing the internet the other day, we stumbled upon a little treasure! We saw a picture of the beautiful piece of artwork below, made out of cork, and just had to do a little investigating to find out more…

Allison's Cork Scrolling Project

Allison's Cork Scrolling Project

Wood worker, artist, and fellow blogger, Allison, from, was given a piece of leftover cork flooring from her friend, a floor installer. She had never used cork flooring in a scrolling project before, so she tried it out and as you can see, the result is gorgeous! While reading her blog and checking out her pictures, we realized that this might just be our very own Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring!

The lovely Allison was gracious enough to let us know that the piece of flooring is Wicanders! It is a piece of the Series 1000 CORKLOC with High Performance Surface finish, or HPS. Because of the HPS hard wearing surface and HDF-High Density Fibreboard with CORKLOC, this piece of flooring stayed strong. This reminds us of how our tough floors are great for kids rooms and kitchens, where they get real wear and tear. And don’t forget about that 25 year residential warranty for Series 1000!

Allison said “I plan on using more of this material as I find it fascinating…” Well Allison, we find it fascinating too! But even more, we find it inspiring that you can make something so beautiful out of cork oak from the Montado cork oak forests. And to top it all off, it is an environmentally friendly product, perfect for green building and green design!

In Allison’s blog, she gives hints and instructions on how to do it yourself! You can see other artwork on her blog, or on (an online community of supportive wood working artists). We are so proud that our flooring held up to Allison’s drill press and saws!

Thank you for your art Allison, and let us know when we can see more of your Cork Creations!

Do you have a Cork Creation? Please share with us!

Until Next time,

Team Wicanders

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Saving Cork Oak Trees, Saving our Planet!

6 10 2008

As school children, one of the biggest lessons we all learned was to “save the trees!” Well, in San Jose this month, two tree hugging heroes have emerged! Camilla and Dan Cochran faced the city of San Jose in a fearless battle to save our favorite kind of tree…the Cork Oak! They are lucky enough to have one of these beautiful and historic trees in front of their home. It is flanked on each side by neighboring Cork Oak Trees.

Dan and Camilla Cochrans' Home and Beautiful Cork Oak

Dan and Camilla Cochran's Home and Beautiful Cork Oak Tree

The tree, which was estimated to be 130-145 years old, was tagged and ready to be chopped down by the city, who said it caused sidewalk damage, and hung too far over the street. But after a good fight, the Cochran’s were given permission to keep their healthy tree.

Team Wicanders is so impressed by the Cochran’s determination to keep their tree. We also want to save the cork oak trees in the Montado Forests in Portugal, for a few reasons. Not only are they good for the environment, but they also supply the materials for our eco-friendly flooring.

Our planet has provided us with the gifts we need to keep it healthy, while using its resources. Cork Oak harvesting increases Carbon Dioxide retention and keeps these ancient trees alive- some, like The Whistler Tree, live up to 250 years! Harvesting also provides jobs and helps the people who have cared for these great trees, for generations and generations. You can learn more about the cork oak trees by checking out Rob Schneider’s video on our post: Save Miguel.

Wicanders Cork Oak floors offer a unique opportunity for a healthy home, and a healthy planet. Do you have any great stories about saving trees? We would love to hear them!

The same Cork Oak Tree, photo dated before 1896.

The Cochrans' Cork Oak Tree; Photo dated before 1896.

Until next time,

Team Wicanders

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Wicanders is a Building Block of Sustainable Design!

26 09 2008

The building blocks of green home design, like LEED certified products and sustainability, are important…but did you know that some projects are actually made from building blocks?

The ‘Harbinger’ is a two-story, 1700 square foot home built from reused shipping containers! These shipping containers, or “building blocks” are the foundation for this show-house that is displayed at West Coast Green, the nation’s largest green building, business and design conference.

In fact, if you are on the West Coast, you should stop in and check it out! The San Jose Convention Center will be displaying The Harbinger on the tradeshow floor September 25-27. Want more info? You can check it out here.

The interior of the home was designed by ecofabulous, and showcases over 20 eco products. We can’t say that we are surprised that they chose Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring for the bedrooms and hallways…but we sure are happy they did! Wicanders was a great choice for so many reasons, but we would like to remind you of just a few.

Wicanders’ Cork Oak Floors are a healthy alternative, because unlike tile and carpet, they don’t trap dirt and bacteria. This makes Cork Oak Floors a great option for kids’ bedrooms and kitchens. Wicanders’ flooring is also an environmentally responsible choice. Cork trees are not cut down, instead the bark is harvested. That means they absorb even more Carbon Dioxide!

Wicanders Cork Oak Floors are a great building block for your next green project or installation. Going green is a responsible choice, and Wicanders is happy to be a part of it!

Team Wicanders

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