Choosing the cork oak floors that are right for your green building project

26 01 2009

As you know, with Wicanders, the possibilities are nearly endless… We put Nature’s palette in your hands, combining textures and surprising colors. The originality and exotic contrasts of each pattern gives any surface a personal and distinctive touch.

But which floors are a better fit for your commercial design needs? Glue down or floating? Xtreme WRT or HPS? Read on, as today we help you determine which Wicanders floors are most suitable for your green building project…

Finding the right finish

Xtreme WRT—Wear Resistance Technology:
Ceramic is, after natural diamonds, the hardest known substance in the world. Our floating cork oak floors coated with Xtreme WRT finish with ceramic micro-bead technology, is a perfect choice if you are looking for a matte, unique, and durable finish with low maintenance.
We want you to feel assured that you are making a good, long-term investment when you choose Xtreme WRT flooring from Wicanders. Even with its hard and resistant features, Xtreme WRT gives the floor soft and natural qualities and none of the usual slippery and cold feel provided by ordinary finishes.

HPS—High Performance Surface:
The high traffic on commercial floors puts much demand on the floor and the finish. Wicanders commercial quality floors are produced with hard-wearing surface lying between the veneer and the HPS topcoat, which makes it extremely wear resistant.
Our HPS finish is based on nano beads technology. Extremely tiny beads are embedded in the top layer giving the whole surface improved properties such as scratch, slip, scuff, and stain resistance—without compromising the natural appearance, elasticity, and beauty of of our cork floors. If you are in search of flooring for high traffic areas with an extremely durable, low-sheen finish, Wicanders Cork Flooring with HPS is the choice for you. With a 15-year commercial warranty, we are confident you will love the look and feel of our HPS floors.

Glue-down versus Floating


Wicanders Cork Oak floating floor planks are engineered with the patented CorkLoc® system on all four sides. Each edge is comprised of durable compressed cork fiberboard and Cork Protect®, a natural parafin-based all-around edge sealing system. This tightly pressed seal seamlessly vaccum locks against any and all moisture and debris, setting Wicanders CorkLoc® system apart from other floating floors.

If your project calls for glue down tiles because of the area of application or the size of the job, Wicanders Series 200 and Series 2000 are the ideal products for you.

Wicanders Series 200 WRT "Natural"

Wicanders Series 200 WRT "Natural"

And for a complete guide with detailed info on dimensions, LEED qualifying points, approximate installed cost, and our best-in-the-industry warranty, please be sure to download our 2008 Commercial Flooring Guide.

We’d also like to remind you that we have just launched a new Technical Info page right here on our blog. You can visit it by clicking here. Or if you have any questions you’d like answered, our master installers are always handy, so be sure to drop us a line.

Until next time…
Team Wicanders

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Make Sustainability your Guiding Principle in 2009

30 12 2008

Happy New Year!

We came across this brief write-up by Mark Tercek in the January issue of Reader’s Digest. Mark is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy, and we thought sharing his article might inspire you as much as it inspired us. It carries an important message about how, in this New Year to come, each one of us can make sustainability our guiding principle.

To quote Mark:

“As a nation, we must recognize that the health of the environment is inextricably linked to our well-being and prosperity. Functioning natural systems and a stable climate support livelihoods, feed our families, sate our thirst, provide clean air, enrich us spiritually, and represent a legacy for future generations.

I urge you to make sustainability—using resources no faster than they can be replenished—a guiding principle. This commitment will spark progress toward developing clean energy sources, fighting climate change, conserving our land and waters, and rebuilding a battered economy. Your example will inspire leaders around the world to do the same.

From all of us at Team Wicanders, we wish you a prosperous and sustainable New Year.

Cheers to 2009!


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Reduce your Thanksgiving Carbon Footprint

26 11 2008

girlWe all contribute to global warming when we do things like heat and cool our homes, drive our cars, and fly on airplanes.

In fact, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel periods of the year, with the number of trips Americans take to and from destinations of 50 miles or more away increasing by 54% during the six days surrounding the holiday.

There’s no way around it: traveling miles and miles to share a single meal or weekend with family and friends may not be the greenest of ways to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Yet that’s what the holiday is all about: close family ties, good food, great fun, and sharing precious time with those we love.

The good news?

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s still time to green your home so you can welcome friends and family in style and make a healthy impact on the environment as

Want a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint? Look down to your floors.

Carbon offsets and personal carbon reductions provide viable solutions to global warming. The Montados Cork Oak Forests are responsible for nearly 4.8 million tons of the world’s CO2 retention per year. Amorim’s annual production of wine stoppers alone retains over 25,000 tons of CO2. And based on calculations by, by choosing Wicanders cork oak flooring, consumers can participate in offsetting the emissions of over 7,042 cars every year.

legosAnd now that you all know that The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) has awarded five product lines of Wicanders Cork Oak Floors with its prestigious GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® product performance certification, and that our floors are also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified, the choice is clear: with Wicanders, you can have a green home and eat your turkey too!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

See you next time…
Team Wicanders

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Installing Wicanders Cork Oak Floors

13 10 2008

Installers! Soon there will be a section on our blog just for you…

Thank you for your questions and feedback. We are in the process of putting together an Installation FAQ’s section, which will be featured right here on our blog.

In the meantime, we thought we would share a video of DYI guru Bob Villa installing our Wicanders cork oak floors at a Miami Beach condo.

As stated on his website, “Bob looks at flooring options that included grinding and polishing the cement floors for a loft look, or ceramic Cuban tile, but the sound factor made both impossible. David Southard of DS WoodWorks explains that the building’s impact insulation class or IIC made using tile or hard-surface flooring difficult. To tile the floor would mean more than one inch of cork and plywood underneath and shaving all the doors. So, Bob opted for cork flooring from Wicanders, which is multi-layered with cork faces, a fiberboard middle, and a protective finish on top. Installed on top of cork underlayment for extra insulation, the cork floor is very soft underfoot and quiet. Installation is easy with an angle-to-angle fit. The planks are installed like puzzle pieces then tapped into place for a snap-together fit.”

Watch the video…

And if you have an installation question you would like answered in the meantime, please leave us a comment right here and we’ll be sure to post an answer. We always love hearing from you!

Team Wicanders

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A Green Building Original. Cork Plank.

10 09 2008

We were admiring (as we often do) the colors and textures of our new Cork Plank and thought you may want to see a close up of one of our favorites.  We know, we shouldn’t have favorites…but this Collection and Color is so beautiful, we thought a singular focus was in order. We hope you agree that our green building Original is certainly worthy of its name.

Originals Collection, Character

Originals Collection, Character

And yes, we have other favorites too, but if you saw this in person we think you’d agree that this particular color is truly a Character all its own. If you have a flooring retailer nearby, stop in and ask for Wicanders Cork Plank Series 100. It’s Micro Beveled on 4 Sides, and it is something you really must see before you decide on any other flooring.

Until next time…

Team Wicanders

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Cork Plank with Micro Bevel. A New Dimension in Cork Flooring

8 09 2008

Look what we’ve been up to! You know we never rest when it comes to the latest innovations in cork oak flooring. You’re going to love building green with our new Cork Plank…just as nature intended.

ANNOUNCING: Wicanders Series 100 Cork Plank with Micro Bevel.

Cork Plank Collection

Cork Plank President Collection

Cork Plank—a narrow board at 4 3/8 inches wideis produced and packaged in the USA. Our narrow planks represent a smart  mix of refined class and organic design. Aesthetically, this innovative size works in combination with cork oak’s timeless charm to create a highly personal touch so popular today in homes just like yours.

Our newest member of the Wicanders’ cork oak family boasts 12 stunning colors, including some of the most fashionable colors in flooring. Cork Plank is available in retail stores across the US right now.

Made with cutting edge technology that improves on our patented CorkLoc® floating floor system, Cork Plank’s “angle-drop” click allows for a faster and easier installation over virtually any subflooring system. Installers will love it because it’s very user-friendly!

Cork Plank’s four unique collections—Originals, Moods, Traces, and President—are all protected by Wicanders’ Xtreme WRT (Wear Resistant Technology) finish. WRT is a ceramic micro-bead innovation that is 4x more wear resistant than any in its class. WRT is also available on Wicanders Series 100 floors for commercial and residential applications.

12 Stunning Cork Plank Colors

12 Stunning Cork Plank Colors

Also recently introduced in the US, all of Wicanders’ flooring collections, including Cork Plank, are now made with Acrodur®, an Eco-technology by BASF. Acrodur® is a water-based, eco-friendly binder used in the agglomeration process. Acrodur® is 100% formaldehyde free which promotes superior eco-efficiency and energy savings.

Cork Plank is micro beveled on four sides, ushering in a new look for our Wicanders Cork Oak floors.  For high-moisture environments like kitchens and entryways, a glueless joint sealant called Click Seal® can be applied to the tongue side of the planks during installation, offering a virtually waterproof flooring application.

Moods Collection, Tea

Moods Collection, Tea

Like the other members of our Wicanders’ family, Cork Plank enjoys the many outstanding characteristics of cork oak.  Environmentally friendly and efficient, cork oak is a renewable and sustainable resource. Made of renewable raw material, cork absorbs CO2, reversing the effect of VOC emissions for healthier living.

New Cork Plank with Micro Bevel carries with it a 15 Year Residential Warranty, and a 5 Year Light Commercial Warranty.

To download a Cork Plank brochure, click here, or email us at

Amorim Flooring North America is a proud member of the US Green Building Council, but you already knew that!

Until our next innovation…

Team Wicanders

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