Amorim unveils whole cork that is cheaper than synthetic

17 07 2009

amorim cork stopper acquamarkAmorim has launched a new cork stopper targeting the high-volume sectors of the global wine industry.

Named Acquamark, the closure has been developed using the latest in cork production technology to provide winemakers with a clean natural cork stopper at a highly competitive price.

The product name is derived from the innovative water-based coating that is a feature of this cork.

Carlos de Jesus

Carlos de Jesus

“Acquamark is an environmentally friendly closure that provides enhanced performance in sealing capacity and wine preservation,” says Amorim’s director of marketing and communications, Carlos de Jesus.

“It is a welcome addition to Amorim’s product mix as it allows us to compete aggressively with producers of alternative closures, particularly in the ‘basic’ and ‘popular premium’ sectors of the wine market.

“New technology means we can produce a cost effective natural cork closure for sectors where price competition is at its fiercest.”

cork treeAs with all natural cork closures, Acquamark is made from renewable resources, is recyclable and biodegradable.

“In many instances wineries are faced with a difficult choice on closures between cost effective options and those that play a strong role in protecting the environment,” Mr de Jesus said.

“With Acquamark there no longer needs to be a compromise.”  It’s price is 30-50% cheaper than synthetic closures.

Amorim has applied innovative processes to the production of the Acquamark closure, ensuring total particle retention as well as consistent visual appearance. The safe and environmentally friendly water-based coating enhances the restructuring process.

Acquamark corks are subject to Amorim’s unique CONVEX boiling system that prevents contamination as well as stringent quality control procedures.




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6 12 2009

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12 07 2010
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