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Welcome to our new Technical Information page! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about installation, maintenance, warranties, or give us your feedback about  your experience with Wicanders Cork Oak Floors. We’ll be happy to answer your queries as promptly as possible.

Team Wicanders

Series 2000 HPS Shell

Corkcomfort Gluedown HPS Shell


The key to success when installing Wicanders floors is to achieve a good bond between the subfloor and the Wicanders flooring. Proper preparation of the surface is the most important factor in achieving this bond.

Whatever leveling compound is used to level, smooth or repair a subfloor surface, it will only be as strong as the surface to which it is bonded. The surface, therefore, must be sound, clean and free of oil, grease, wax, dirt, asphalt, curing compounds, latex and gypsum compounds, dust, paint, or any contaminant, which might act as a bond breaker.

The methods required to properly prepare the subfloor vary with the type of subfloor, its surface and condition. Many times, several methods of preparing a subfloor are available. Some methods are used because they are cheaper, easier or faster, depending upon the size of the job. However, taking short cuts in proper subfloor preparation can be an invitation to installation problems and failures.

This technical information is intended to give recommendations for many common subfloor conditions and the proper preparation.

Subfloor requirements:
WICANDERS CORKCOMFORT WRT AND HPS GLUE DOWN FLOORS  AND WICANDERS WOODCOMFORT GLUEDOWN HPS FLOORS can be installed in interior installation sites to on or above grade concrete or wooden subfloors.

Moisture protection:
Despite it’s age there is always a risk of moisture in subfloors, for that reason it is necessary to ensure that an efficient moisture barrier is installed.

Conduct calcium chloride moisture tests to ensure that moisture emission levels are less than 3 lbs/1000ft2/24 hours (USA and Canada).

The moisture content of concrete subfloors should be as indicated below (when using a CM moisture-gas pressure gauge measuring instrument):

Subfloors to be covered with WICANDERS CORKCOMFORT WRT AND HPS GLUE DOWN FLOORS  AND WICANDERS WOODCOMFORT GLUEDOWN HPS FLOORS (almost vapor-proof) require sealing (insulation) against rising damp if there is no basement underneath). Water-repellent concrete, crawl spaces or similar are not sufficient to prevent the migration of damp into the subfloor.

Alkali testing – pH:
In addition to moisture testing, you may also test the concrete for alkalinity. It is quite possible during curing especially on newly poured slabs, that alkali salts were carried to the surface by moisture. These alkali salt deposits will adversely affect the adhesive bond.

You can test for alkalinity of the concrete with a special pH testing paper. If you have a pH Reading of 10 or higher, you must neutralise the alkalinity before beginning the installation.

Series 1000 HPS Brunello

Corkcomfort Floating HPS Brunello

Screeds with underfloor heating:
When using WICANDERS CORKCOMFORT WRT AND HPS GLUE DOWN FLOORS  AND WICANDERS WOODCOMFORT GLUEDOWN HPS FLOORS in a heated subfloor installation, the surface temperature of the subfloor must not exceed 28°C (82°F).

Depending on the system involved, this kind of screed is 45 – 65 mm ( 2 to 3 inches ) thick. Testing the moisture of the subfloor using the CM meter (moisture-gas pressure gauge) is always possible if the installer of the screed marked the measuring points. This is the only way to avoid damaging of the heating pipes while the test samples are taken from the screed. If there are no marks, a complaint must be made to the contractor.

Drying out can only be done by a suitable period of drying through heating. For this reason, the screed must be heated up before installing the flooring.

Heating of the screed should be performed no earlier than 21 days after application of the screed. Beginning with a feed temperature of 21° C (70 F) the screed should be heated up in steps of 10° C (50 F) every day until the maximum feed temperature is reached. After 11 days at the maximum temperature, it should be reduced in steps of 10° C (50 F) per day down to a temperature of 20° C (68 F). This temperature must remain constant for 3 days after the floor covering has been installed or the surface treatment applied. The temperature of the subfloor should not exceed 28° C (82 F) over the lifetime of the installation.

For detailed information, follow the instructions supplied by the subfloor heating system manufacturer/contractor or contact your supplier.

Unsuitable temperature and ventilation conditions:
The resilient floor covering should be installed at approximately the same temperature they will be exposed to later during use.
Floor covering should not be installed at a subfloor temperature below 18 °C (65 °F) and a relative humidity should be between 35 to 65% as this kind of indoor climate can have adverse effects on the flooring itself and its processing (For example, low temperatures lead to a considerable increase in the setting time and reaction time of adhesives and levelling compounds; the drying time for primers and levelling compounds and the airing time for adhesives are likewise increased by high humidity).

The corresponding details of times given by the manufacturers of adhesives are based on a temperature of 20 °C (68 °F) and 50 % relative humidity as a general rule. This is why floor temperature and humidity measurements are helpful.

Expansion joints in the building must not be closed by the flooring. If it is laid and stuck across expansion joints in the building, it may tear, as it is fixed firmly in place and cannot “work” with the movements of the building. Expansion joints for the building are found, as a rule, in large areas. Expansion joints, which do not run through the whole of the building (e.g. construction joints in the screed), but are designed merely to absorb tension during setting, are now what is meant here. The contractor will, however, be well advised to consult with the customer concerning the connection to expansion joints.

Series 2000 HPS Harmony

Corkcomfort Gluedown HPS Harmony

SUBFLOOR PREPARATION OF WICANDERS FLOATING FLOORS WITH CORKLOC® – WICANDERS CORKCOMFORT WRT AND HPS AND WICANDERS WOODCOMFORT WRT AND HPS can be laid on top of most hard surfaces such as resilient floor coverings, wood flooring and ceramic tile, soft subfloors such as carpets and similar must be removed.

The subfloor must be even, flat, dry and variations should not exceed 3 mm in 2 m (0.12″ in 6.6 feet). All type of concrete, wooden and ceramic surfaces must be completely dry.

Radiant-Heated Subfloors:
For Wicanders CORKCOMFORT WRT AND HPS AND WICANDERS WOODCOMFORT WRT AND HPS, the surface temperature of the subfloor must not exceed 28°C (82°F). For detailed information, follow the instructions supplied by the subfloor heating system manufacturer/contractor or contact your supplier.

Expansion Gaps:
WICANDERS CORKCOMFORT WRT AND HPS AND WICANDERS WOODCOMFORT WRT AND HPS are installed as a “floating floor”, the planks should not be fixed to the subfloor.
The skirting boards cannot be pressed down, restricting the movement of the floor also provide 10 mm ( 1/2 inch) expansion gaps to the walls and other fixed objects.
Floor areas superior to 100 m² (900 sq. ft), or with dimensions greater than 10 m (30 feet) in either direction, transitions between two rooms and asymmetrical floor areas require extra expansion gaps.

Series 1000 HPS Timide

Corkcomfort Floating HPS Timide


HPS Finish(Corkcomfort Gluedown and Floating HPS and Woodcomfort Gluedown and Floating HPS )

    Dry sweep the floor to remove any dirt or residue.  Wet adhesive must be removed immediately from the new floor, using a damp cloth.  If the adhesive has dried it should be removed with a cloth dampened with white spirit.  (applies to Corkcomfort Gluedow HPS)
•    In order to allow adhesive to set properly, a new floor should not be cleaned with water at least 24 hours after the installation has been completed.  Water may affect the adhesive.
•    Do not move or place furniture on the new floor for at least 24 hours to avoid the possibility of permanent indentation.
•    After this period of time, vacuum or sweep the floor and damp mop with a recommended product, to remove any dirt left over from the installation.

WRT (Corkcomfort Gluedown and Floating WRT and Woodcomfort Floating WRT )
•    Vacuum or sweep the floor and damp mop with a recommended product, to remove any dirt left over from the installation.
•    The Wicanders floor coverings with WRT finish should be cleaned with Xtreme Natural Cleaner or Wicanders Soft Cleaner.


HPS Finish(Corkcomfort Gluedown and Floating HPS and Woodcomfort Gluedown and Floating HPS )
•    Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove any loose grit and debris, using a soft, clean brush.
•    Dilute the cleaner, following the instruction son the bottle.
•    Mop over the entire area, keeping the mop moist rather than wet.
•    Allow the floor to dry completely.

WRT (Corkcomfort Gluedown and Floating WRT and Woodcomfort Floating WRT )
•    Dust mop or vacuum regularly.
•    Mop your floors with a high quality sponge mop. Use only clean water, nothing else is needed. Periodically, use Wicanders Soft Cleaner or Xtreme Natural Cleaner following instructions on the label. Wring out the sponge mop vigorously. Mop in the direction of the grain. If you see water on your floor, your sponge is probably too wet.
•    Do not use any oils or waxes on dust mop.
•    Use a sponge mop dampened slightly with water or Wicanders recommended cleaner (Wicanders Soft Cleaner or Xtreme Natural Cleaner), on a regular basis, to remove any kind of soil and grit. The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of traffic (daily – weekly).
•    Never use anything other than water or Wicanders recommended cleaner on our Wicanders floor coated with Xtreme WRT finish.
•    You may want to press the mop into a dry towel to remove excess moisture. For heavily soiled floors, use Wicanders recommended cleaners only. (Wicanders Soft Cleaner or Xtreme Natural Cleaner)


HPS Finish(Corkcomfort Gluedown and Floating HPS and Woodcomfort Gluedown and Floating HPS )
•    After carefully reading the instructions on the bottle, spread the product over the floor in even strokes.
•    Make sure that you cover the whole floor with a thin even coat without applying it too thinly.
•    Allow t he floor to dry completely before walking on the newly treated surface.
•    For recommended cleaners, visit, or contact your local dealer.

WRT (Corkcomfort Gluedown and Floating WRT and Woodcomfort Floating WRT )

All Wicanders Xtreme WRT Floorings come with a factory finished wear layer and are ready for immediate use after installation.  No finishing or refinishing is required after installation or during the use of th floor. Only for a very specific situation is it possible to apply an additional Xtreme WRT lacquer finish.  However, this Xtreme WRT lacquer finish can only by applied by certified installers. For more information: please consult our website or your Wicanders dealer.

Series 1000 HPS Accent

Corkcomfort Floating HPS Accent


•    Use doormats at all entrances to remove dirt and grit carried on footwear.
•    Clean up spills and spots immediately.
•    Use felt pads on chair and furniture legs and replace them as soon as they wear out.
•    Furniture castors should have a width proportional to the supported weight.
•    Use protective office mats under rolling chairs.
•    If works will take place in the room where the floor is installed, protect with craft paper, plywood or hardboard.
•    Cork, as a natural material may tend to fade when exposed to sunlight. Use blinds, curtains or other sun screening system to minimize this effect.
•    Avoid excessive moisture on the floor.
•    Ideal and healthy room conditions are 35 – 65% relative humidity at 68°F (20°C).

•    Use latex or rubber backed mats as they can permanently stain the floor.
•    Use cleaning products with abrasive ingredients or solvent-based ingredients, e.g. acetone.
•    Use wire brushes.
•    Drag furniture across the floor.
•    Se a wet mop or pour water directly on the floor
•    Use wax, polish, or abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powder.

For more information on maintenance, visit our website, or consult your local Wicanders dealer.


122 responses

5 02 2009
Donna Taylor

Unable to locate the phone number of your company and/or contact information for the local representative for technical support and installation questions, availability of products.
Please advise.
Thank you,
Donna Taylor

5 02 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Donna,

Thank you for leaving a comment. You can call our North American Headquarters at: 410.553.6062 for the name of your local representative or visit us on our website at

If you need anything else, Team Wicanders is here for you!

5 03 2009

Hi, I just put down some Wincanders cork in Dawn to replace flooring that was damaged due to water. Apparently the flooring I just got is the Xtreme version and is much duller of a finish than the existing floor. Is there anything that can be done to add that sheen to the replaced flooring? Thanks, Ken

7 04 2009

It seems impossible to register or login to the architects/designers on your site. I need tech info on Series 2000 Originals and color names/numbers. Please and thanks.

21 04 2009

What type of rug pad should i use with the series 100 cork flooring?

21 04 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Adam,
You should use a canvas backed rug pad.
Let us know if you need anything else.
Team Wicanders

16 07 2009
Edward Clark

Good Afternoon, I am working on a LEED project and need to find VOC information for the Wicanders W 336 Adhesive product. Can you help with that? Thanks,

Edward J. Clark

16 07 2009
Team Wicanders

Hello Edward,
You should have received a pdf file with the requested information via email. Please let us know if there is any other questions we can help answer for you.

Team Wicanders

13 11 2009


I was hoping for the same information as Edward Clark (regarding the VOC content for Wicanders W336 adhesive product).


16 11 2009
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Please find attached the product data sheet for the W-336 adhesive.

Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

24 05 2010
renee lynch

need msds on w336 adhesive

26 01 2011

I also need the VOC information and MSDS sheets for Wicanders W336.


9 04 2013
Nathan Schaefer

Good morning, I am in need of an MSDS sheet for the Wicanders W336 Cork Flooring Adhesive. Any chance you can help me out with this?

23 07 2009
Brad Detering

Hello, I’ve installed a 1000 Series floor (Harmony) in a Kitchen and would like to assure that water spills don’t affect the floor. Should I use a joint sealer? What should I use after installing the floor?

Thanks very much. The product is very handsome.


23 07 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Brad.
Your floor has CorkProtect all around edge treatment to prevent moisture issues. The surface will be protected if the spills are cleaned up in a reasonable period of time. In case of improper maintenance and large spills(wet environment) we recommend sealing all the seams with Wicanders Power Contact and then applying Wicanders W-2000 over the entire floor. It would also be to your advantage to apply a flexible silicone seal all around the perimeter where you have left the expansion space. If you need instructions on applying the seam sealer, we can certainly email them to you.
Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.
Team Wicanders

12 11 2009

Our home has a couple of places by large windows , 2 large sets of sliding doors and the kitchen area that have had some water incursion in the past. Although they have been repaired. We want to make sure we are protecting the series 1000 harmony as best as possible. We are going to install the floating floor on some of our second story aprox 1,000 SF Total. Over Plywood underlayment in the hall, living room and kitchen 500 SF. Then over MDF underlayment in the family room 500 SF We would like instructions for
1. flexible silicone seal all around the perimeter
2. applying the seam sealer Wicanders Power Contact
Do you apply this during or after installation of the cork planks?
How will the Power Contact effect possible repairs in the future?
3. applying Wicanders W-2000



16 11 2009
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hello Wayne,

The best way to avoid moisture from the top of the floor if this is the issue, is to apply a coat of W-2000 urethane. If you want to use click seal on all edges it requires 1/8 bead on groove (acts like rubber cement) but remains flexible which lets you remove a damaged plank in the future because it is not a glue. A tube will do approximately 120 sq/ft. If you have moisture issues beneath the floor, a plastic underlayment (8mm) could be put down. Though we only recommend this for concrete it can be used on wood substrates also! This would be only insurance on your part. If you have a water issue we don’t recommend floating or glue down and the issue of moisture needs to be addressed before any installation. The W-2000 is applied after install and the click seal during install!
Hope this helps.

Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

23 11 2009

I’m still unclear about whether (and how) to seal the floating floor (Series 1000 harmony) we’re about to have installed in our kitchen. I’m primarily concerned about water spills/drips from our dog that could sit on the floor under the tray that holds his bowls for a day or two (if life gets busy). I’m leaning toward having the installer use the “click seal” you mention on at least the planks around the sink, dishwasher, and dog bowls but where do we find that product? Also, is the W-2000 urethane a Wicanders’ product? It sure sounds like it would be good insurance to have a coat of that applied to the floor just to be safe.

Thanks for your help!

23 01 2011

Can you please send the above mentioned file to me?

19 08 2009

I am looking for approximately 6 boxes of 12 X 12 glue down tiles from the Wicander
2000 Series. There was a dark, rich brown color that is apparently out of stock in many places and I cannot seem to find anything other than three light colors. Would you
know how the ferret out information like that?



27 08 2009
Craig Shumate

For installation in a room with a generous amount of natural light, I am wondering about the effects of fading. Are some colors less prone to fading? The answer would seem obvious: light colors fade less, but I’m not sure that is the case.

The product being considered is Cork Plank.


27 08 2009
Brad Detering

What do you recommend as a reducer strip for 1000 Series Harmony? The unique profile height has limited choices.

Thanks very much. Brad

4 09 2009
team wicanderrs

Hi Craig,
Thanks for your comment.
The effect is actually the opposite. Lighter colors fade more. The darker stain reduces the fading process. We recommend UV resistant glass or window treatments to lessen the fading.
Please contact us with any additional questions.

14 09 2009
geoff kendell

I am planning to install series 100 Linn Blush in a high rise condo that requires noise reduction. The floors are concrete. Can I install 6mm cork underlayment, or something like eco cork foam ( under the tiles? The building requires a sound deadening product.



15 09 2009
team wicanderrs

Hello Geoff,
Our floating tiles have an integrated cork underlayment. The particular product you are refering to has a STC of 54 and IIC of 58. These ratings are considered sound deadening, but we recommend that you check the required level with the building management .
Team Wicanders

2 10 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Geoff,
6mm cork underlayment will work.

19 09 2009
Lisa Musick

Hi- I am getting ready install WRT Personality Series100 in two large rooms, kitchen and dining room. I was trying to research if it is best (just to be on safe side) to use your quicklock glue for the joints, but I cannot find much info. Since it is a Kitchen, If we do use the glue on the joints how difficult will it be to remove a tile should I need to repair one in the future? Will the boards still be able to move if its glued in the joints? Lastly, Is there good instructions for using the glue on the glue itself?

🙂 Sorry if this has been asked before or if the info is directly under my nose. Thank you for your time –

2 10 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Lisa,
The product you are using has a paraffin-based edge sealer on all 4 sides, which protects the edges from moisture. You can use the Clickseal around the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator for extra protection. It’s a sealer not a glue, so if you had to replace a plank, it would not be a problem removing it.

24 09 2009

What should be used if someone has dragged something across the floor leaving a scrape or scuff mark? The incident caused a ruffled line where the cork finish is raised slightly with view to the natural cork colour underneath. (metalic sky finish series 100)

2 10 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Mike,
The best way is a furniture marker close to the color but that is depending how deep the scratch or gouge is. After normal maintenance your will notice the scratch to be less apparent.
Team Wicanders

2 10 2009

Should the floating 1000 series be sealed after installation in a commercial
application ? (Nursing Home) Someone suggested Power Contact and W-2000
Sealer. I cannot find this being addressed on line.

2 10 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Bob,
The question concerning sealing the seams depends upon whether or not the floor is located in a “Wet Environment”. If the floor is going to be maintained with a bucket and mop it would need to be sealed. If the floor is going to be maintained with a damp mop and not wet the edge treatment “CorkProtect” will help the floor from swelling. The extra protection is always a comfort level in commercial environments

13 10 2009

We are interested in ordering the Wicanders 100 Series Extreme WRT for our exercise room. Question: Since this is a plant click application, is this suitable for an exercise room that will have a treadmill on it?

Please provide your comment.

Thank you

Wendy Semegen

20 10 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Wendy,
The treadmill will not harm the floor. The WRT finish is flexible and will regain its original shape when you move the treadmill.

Let us know if you need any additional help.

Team Wicanders

21 10 2009

Thank you Team Wicancers. We will though use a heavy duty rubber pad under the treadmill. We were just concerned about the tongue and groove on the cork lifting with the weight of the treamill.

Is this a concern?

21 10 2009
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

The tongue and groove will be ok. We do not recommend using a rubber mat under the treadmill though. You can put the treadmill right on the cork.

Ronit McGuthrie
Marketing Manager
Amorim Flooring, N.A.
2600 Cabover Drive, Suite A
Hanover, MD 21076
T: 410-553-6062
F: 410-553-6123

—–Original Message—–

20 10 2009

What is the difference between the finish on the cork 1000 series floating planks and the extreme cork WRT planks? I would like to put cork though out my kitchen and living room and I have 4 young kids so the floor will get abused. Any thoughts?

20 10 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Pam,
The Series 1000, which is now called Corkcomfort Floating HPS is designed for areas with high traffic. Though the Corkcomfort Floating WRT has a very high resistance and can withstand kids, we would recommend you use the Floating HPS (Series 1000) because the surface finish is tougher.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions.
Team Wicanders

22 10 2009
Miguel Kowalyszyn

Good Morning ,We manufacture the cable for the floor warming(Radiant floor )

sujet :Article#(1000545036) is installe above or below cable for radiant floor.

1-What metode or norme do you used use top recommand your product in radiant floor?

2-Can-we place Eco cork Foarm above the concrete.It is going to avoid the radiation of the heat??

3-Could you send me the installation of your product ( article*1000545036 ) witch the cable for the radiant floor??

Thank you very much Miguel Kowalyszyn Flextherm

Best Regards
Miguel Kowalyszyn
Flextherm RD.

27 10 2009

Hi-Is it possible to use a steam cleaner ?
Thank you for your answer,

5 11 2009
Team Wicanders

We do not recommend a steam cleaner because of too much topographical moisture which can get into the seams. We recommend using a damp mop instead.
Team Wicanders

10 11 2009

Can you email the maintenance information for this product. HPS Finish Comfort Cork Glue Down. Thanks.

19 11 2009

Does Wicanders make trim (hard floor and carpet reducers 3/8″) to match Plank President in Chestnut?

19 11 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Jan,
We do not make trims, however, we recommend a wood trim stained to match. Your local distributor inventories these and will be able to help. Please let us know if you need help locating your distributor.
Team Wicanders

19 11 2009

We had some planks left over after finishing our floating floor. We are using them loose as a kitchen countertop while trying to decide on what we want. And we find we like them. Would you recommend the surface for food preparation areas? If so, which product would you recommend and which method of installation. I am interested in the cork, lino, and vinyl products too.

20 11 2009
Team Wicanders

Hi Katy,
We do not recommend our flooring for food prep areas. First, the warranty would not apply. Also, the flooring will damage if a knife is used on the surface.
Hope this helps.
Team Wicanders

22 11 2009

I have just finished installing the 100 series floating planks in my entry way and laundry room(no sink, just washer and dryer). The baseboards aren’t on yet. Someone knocked over a bottle of Tilelab heavy duty cleaner and stripper that had been used in the adjacent bathroom. It may have been a few hours before the spill was noticed, but now the seams of the affected tiles are swollen and bubbly. Are they ruined? will the swelling go down once they dry out? It was only about a cup of liquid, but 12 tiles are affected because I suppose the liquid flowed and followed the microbevelled seams. I expected more water resistance than this at the seams. Should I take the whole installation out and use a seam sealer? Should I put some weight on the tiles to help them go back to their original shape? Is it better to separate the tiles to let them dry, or keep them in place? Help!

23 11 2009
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

I assume the product that has been spilled has a stripping agent in it which has had a tremendous effect on the seams of the HDF. It is recommended that in a wet environment we seal the seams with click seal or our Wicanders W-2000 urethane. It is very unlikely the seam swelling will go down once dried out but there is a chance. You may have had the substance go beneath the floor so you should lift the floor and let dry out. If the swelling does not go down, you will have to replace the damaged planks.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 410-553-6062 and we can discuss.



Sales trainer & Technical Support

27 11 2009

i have heard that cork flooring can be tidal flooded (from underneath), pulled up, dried out, and re-installed without problems with mold or moisture. is this true or are there treatments that can be applied to this floor in order to salvage it in a tidal flood basin?

18 12 2009

Dear Team Wicanders,
I’m interested in the glue-down WRT cork flooring for my home. I understand that these tiles have a factory applied finish and do not need to be finished on site. However, I wonder how the seams between the tiles are protected against dirt and moisture. Is there any factory applied protection on the edges of the tiles? Or are the seams somehow filled during installation of the tiles?
Thank you for your help,

21 12 2009
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hi Oliver,
There is no sealer around the edges of our glue-down WRT tiles, however, once installed, the entire floor can be sealed using our W-2000. If you need instructions on this process, please feel free to contact us.
Kind regards,
Team Wicanders

21 12 2009

My customer is looking at the series 100 but wants a higher sheen than the sample shows. Is there another series of product to offer her or a coating/sealer that you offer to apply after installation? The W-2000 maybe?

21 12 2009
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Yes, our W2000 sealer will raise the sheen level from 10 Gardner to about 20 Gardner.

Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

7 01 2010

I have a customer that would like to install cork in their master bath. 85 sqft.
They like the Cork comfort, Nuances Mele, C82I001. Is this a good idea?

Patrick T.

7 01 2010
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hi Patrick,
We do not recommend any of our floors for bathrooms with showers and tubs due to moisture from humidity caused by steam and moisture from spills

11 01 2010
Alan Kilar

I have the series 100 symphony cork flooring installed in 2006. I am wondering if I can use Wicanders floor dressing on the floor.

12 01 2010
Terence Bahl

Where would I obtain information on transitoning between Wicander and tile and Wicander and carpet? I’ve purchased your flooring and need info ..

T Bahl

21 01 2010

Помогите нам отыскать диллеров данной продукции в Москве и в Екатеринбурге.
Заранее очень благодарны.
С уважением, Наталья.

31 01 2010

Hi: We had a Wicander cork flooring installed several years ago. At the time of the installation we purchased a cleaning solution as well as a floor dressing from the company who installed it. They told us that we should only use the dressing just twice a year.

I’ve been searching for the dressing for a couple of months now without success. The company that did the installation is out of business. Can you tell me what stores in southeastern Massachusetts carry the product.

Thank you.

15 02 2010
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hi Toni,
We no longer carry the floor dressing. That product has been replaced by the Wicanders Power Polish. Please contact Belknap White Alcco at 800-283-7500, our distributor in your area, for information on how to obtain Power Polish.

Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

1 02 2010
Kevin Hartnett

We have glue down, Series 200 Silent Red Personality 1’x2′ tiles installed in our new kitchen. The finish on the tiles is not uniform. Some are glossier than others right out of the box. What product should I use to seal the floor and improve the uniformity of the sheen? We prefer a matte or satin look over glossy. Where can I buy the product? Thanks. …KH.

15 02 2010
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

We would recommend Power Polish to even out the sheen level. To seal the floor we would recommend using our W2000. The outlet for purchase would depend on your geographic location. What state do you live in?

Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

12 02 2010
Pat Steele

I have had wicander cork flooring covering approx. 1300 sq. ft. and now after 10 years am ready to redo it with cork again. I see your photos and they do not have transition pieces in them and they look like they cover a fairly large area.(i.e. corkcomfort floating HPS accent photo above). I did not have transitions in mine and the boards have moved and caused gaps. I would like some advice from someone who knows a lot about cork before I have this done again – I have many questions – just need answers! Would you put me in touch with someone – other than the local sales people?

15 02 2010
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hi Pat,
We would be glad to help you. Please call our main office at 410-553-6062 during regular business hours (8:30am – 5:00pm, EST).

Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

25 02 2010

Team Wicanders,
I was awarded a large residential job using the floating Wicanders cork 100 series. My distributer has about half of the product in stock but will order the balance from the mill. I am concerned about mixing the two lot #s. My distributor tells me this won’t be an issue and yet I am still nervous. Am I OK mixing???

25 02 2010
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hi Mark,
Our manufacturing process is very controlled and as a result, the Series 100 is not classified by lot numbers. You will have no problems mixing the material.
Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

17 03 2010
Brian Groth

Looking at your product Need Rep AND who handles it in the Chicago land area

17 03 2010

We are going to install Series 100 Identity Eden (corkloc floating) on the second floor of a new construction home. I am confused as to what, if anything, needs to be laid under the cork flooring. Is a pe moisture barrier recommended? If so, what type? Thanks.

18 03 2010
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hi Jenifer,
A moisture barrier is highly recommended in an installation over a concrete subfloor. In your case, a 2nd floor installation, does not require a moisture barrier.
Hope this helps.

Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

23 04 2010

We have a new Series 1000 floor — what kind of rug pad should we use under an area rug? I noticed you had canvas back suggested for the lower Series 100… What do you recommend for a transition piece between the last floor panel and the wall to wall carpet in the next room?

8 05 2010


We just installed the Corkcomfort Identity HPS floating floor and are wondering if it would be best to use the Power Polish as protection since it is in a basement with an access door to the outside. Is there anyplace in Canada to buy both the Power Polish and the Soft Cleaner? Is the Power Polish easy to apply and does it affect the sheen level? What application tool is the best?

Many thanks for your assistance!

24 05 2010

We just installed the President chestnut series 100 WRT cork Plank and it has this white film on it bad enough that you could write a message in the cork with using your finger. Please tell me how to get rid of this! Also were in Canada can you buy the soft cleaner??



27 05 2010

My local flooring dealer who sells Wicanders offered to order in the soft cleaner for me so you could check with any flooring supplier in your area. I chose to purchase it online instead from 1877floorguy as I wanted to buy a microfibre mop as well, plus they have the large concentrated bottles at a clearout price. They ship via UPS but you pay upfront for all shipping charges so there aren’t any extra duty costs upon delivery to Canada. There are other websites that sell the soft cleaner and ship to Canada as well. Good luck!

6 06 2010

What product and processes would you recommend for installation over an existing matte tile floor. Our entire downstairs (about 1700 sf) is a cold, gray tile resembling a slate finish. We do not want to tear out all the tile. What will we have to watch out for if we overlay with cork? Thanks!

11 06 2010

I’ve decided on the Harmony cork floor for my kitchen but can’t figure out if I need the series 2000 or series 200 or if I should go with glue down or floating. The opinions I have heard are 180 degrees apart – so you are the manufacturer. Please guide me – floating or glue down, series 2000 or 200
Thanks so much.

14 06 2010

Hi, we wanted to install a cork floor, 12 x 12’s in a checkerboard pattern. My installer said that to do this type of pattern I need a glue down cork, first is this correct, and if it is, what products do you recommend? I’m having a hard time figuring out where to get the glue down cork in the right sizes.


24 06 2010

Hi, We had the Series 1000 (Metallic Sky) installed 3 years ago. We are disappointed with the great amount of fading that has occurred. We realize that some fading from sun exposure is to be expected, but for only three years the amount of fading is great. We have hardwood throughout the rest of the house and after 17 years there is very little fading on it. Is this extreme fading of the cork normal? The color has gone from a bluish-brown to extremely blue.


20 07 2010
Eppa Rixey

We are installing Wicanders series 1000 floating floor. We will be installing it over OSB board on both the first and second floors of our new house. There is a crawl space under the first floor with a concrete floor in the crawl space. I a very confused about the need to install a vapor barrier. The Wichanders installation site advises to install a 0.2mm (.008 inch) thick vapor barrier. The local rep. advised using a 6mm vapor barrier from Home Depot. In checking on the Home Depot 6mm vapor barrier, they state that it is not recommended for use over a wood sub floor. on this Wicanders blog it says that a vapor barrier is only needed over cement. Help! Should I use a vapor barrier on the first floor and not the second or on both or neither. If i need a vapor barrier, what kind and where can I get it? Please let me know as soon as possible as we are ready to start installation.

1 08 2010
Bill Behrendt

I plan to install series 1000 Corkcomfort Floating HPS.
Is this availbel in a”Chestnut”? [ I 132003 ].
The area is about 650 feet^2 and includes a kitchen and dining area. All on a wood sub-floor and a dry crawl space.

What issues should I be aware of?
Large area and expansion issues ?

What is the application protocol for the click seam treatment with the W2000 urethane? [Kitchen]

Where can I procure these matierials in the San Fransico Bay area (Pleasanton, CA 94566)?

Thank you very much for your patience and assistance.

24 08 2010

Earlier this year we had a floating cork floor, the Series 1000 Identity Metallic Sky, installed throughout the majority of our main floor living space. Only after the installation did our installers notice that the finish on each plank was not consistent – right out of the box. The sheen is different between planks, some have the finish missing at the end of a plank, and small ‘blisters’ can be found on numerous planks as well. When we initially saw the product we loved the slate look with the variety of colors and patterns, as well as it’s satin/low gloss finish. We’re still very disappointed with the overall inconsistency of the finish, and wonder if there’s anything Wicanders can do. Sure seems there was a lack of quality control of the over 800 sq ft of product that was delivered/sold to us.

9 11 2015
Jane Hollen

A question…has the manufacturing process been changed on Lane Chestnut to produce a smoother surface?

I bought 77 boxes of Lane Chestnut. The order was shipped to me with a mix of 6 lots. 50 boxes were lot ending in 28588 and very smooth finish and in what appears to be updated apple green box. The remaining lots appear to be a mishmash of older lots in beige box(the surface is pocky and not smooth. If these are mixed with the smooth lot the floor looks awful.

DON’T BOTHER POSTING HERE they haven’t replied in years.

24 08 2010

We are planning on using Original Accent Series 1000 floating tiles in a mudroom, kitchen and 1/2 bath, all interconnected. I have some concerns about the mudroom. In addition to snow and mud, there is a large window on the south side of the mudroom. I’m not worried as much about the kitchen and 1/2 bath, but all have potential for moisture problems and the kitchen will get some direct sun also. I’ve read posts about added sealing and uv protection on the windows. We love the look, comfort and greeness of the cork, but don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

9 09 2010

We got a special deal on WE Cork floating floor, similar to Wicanders Harmony but for 1/2 the cost. It’s going down next week and I can’t wait to see it in place. I called WE cork and their office was very helpful answering my questions. Wicanders has a great product also, but if they’re going to have this blog, it should be monitored and questions should be answered.

18 09 2010
Bev Dow

We are a new build and have 3/4″ good one side fir plywood floor. We are not installing a subfloor. We would like to glue it down as two of the rooms are close to 900 sf. Could you tell me if this is possible? Most of the flooring stores we have been in say no. Also could we install this in our bathrooms. We stayed at a hotel The Eldorado in Kelowna B.C. Canada it is installed throughout the hotel everywhere including the bathrooms. Looks beautiful. Please advise.
Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

28 09 2010
Nancy Kibbee

Team Wicanders,
Your main website lists cork products as having a ceramic finish. Here on this site, you show Aveda Fredrics using product with your HPS nanofinish. Can you tell me which finish you use on which product? Also, how well do these finishes allow flexibility to accommodate the natural movement of cork? I am working on an article comparing cork brands and could not find a contact on the Wicanders site. If you would prefer to use my email, please do. I very much appreciate your assistance.

20 10 2010
Graham Middleton

Wicanders technicals team,
I’m about to install your laminate cork plank, series 100 Xtreme WRT in my main bathroom. I would like to use the “click seal” (latex and silicone-free) you mentioned in a previous post, but am unable to find this product locally. I have found one similar, “Click Gaurd”
but am unable to determine if I can use it with your cork flooring. Two questions:1) Is the click seal in fact “Unika – click seal” and where can I buy it?
2) Is ClickGaurd compatible?

26 10 2010
Team Wicanders


the product is in fact made by Unika, so you are correct click seal is unika-click seal.

30 10 2010
Health Medicine :

if you really want to have something cleaned thouroughly, then steam cleaners are the best option :

8 11 2010

Installing cork on treads and risers using Wicanders 1000 series. What is the order of install re: treads, risers and nosings? Is there a recommended adhesive? Install tips welcome!

11 11 2010

I have been dealing with Seista Cork in the UK who do not seem to know anything about your products! We are looking to purchase you xtreme WRT varnish to apply to a cork floor that is already installed and does not have a very good slip rating. Is this varnish available to purchase?

11 11 2010

I installed some wicanders 1000 series tea in 2009 – the new 1000 identity tea is not the same – it has a low gloss finish compared to the higher gloss on the product I bought in 2009 – Do you still make or can I get some of the older product with the higher gloss – I have an attached area I’m trying to add on to and the lower gloss does not match up at all

18 11 2010
Body Scrub Recipes

steam cleaners can clean lots of dirty clothes in a very short period of time that is why i always prefer to use them ;`.

3 12 2010
kim king

Just installed some cork flooring. It is scratching extremely easy. Some sites recommend a coat of polyurethane. Can I put that over these floors. If not what can I use for extra protection. My kids playing on it are scratching it with their toys. I was under the impression it was really durable. I need help keeping my floor beautiful.

5 01 2011

I was curious if you would recommend using the BONA hardwood floor cleaners on a Wicanders WRT finish floor? Would there be any harm in using their cleaner?

19 01 2011


I just installed a new floating WRT floor in my kitchen and I’m interested in sealing it with W-2000. Could you please send instructions on how to use this product and where to buy it? I’m in Minneapolis, MN.

19 01 2011

I just installed some Wicanders flooring, and was able to find the W-2000 online at such places as:

In addition the distributor, that I picked my flooring up from, carried the w-2000 sealant. I bought from them via a local flooring/carpet store. They actually tried to give it to me in place of the joint sealer, but I figured Karma would catch up to me if I didn’t explain their error to them. So, you might ask a local store that carries wicander’s if they can order it for you via a local distributor.

20 02 2011

Hi warlorc,
Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it. I hope that you received help with your questions. All the best.

9 02 2011
Sam Goldfarb

Hi Tech Folks: We want to use your cork flooring in 2 badrooms and 1 bathroom. All rooms are pier and beam. The bedrooms have vinyl squares on top of plywood. The bathroom has ceramic tile on mastic on top of plywood. We are in the country so dust and our dogs are always on our floors. What would you recommend…planks or squares? And what is the difference in your 100 series and your 1000 series. Thanks for a great and informative website…Sam Goldfarb, San Antonio, Texas.

4 04 2011
продажа вибропогружателя

Ich habe gerade Ihren Feed zu meinen Favoriten. Ich wirklich viel Spaß beim Lesen Ihrer Beiträge.

9 05 2011

Hello Wicanders,

We will be installing the Corkcomfort clicklock planks in our kitchen and the debate is whether the floor should be applied wall-to-wall or only *in between* cabinets and appliances, that is, not under the base cabinets and appliances. I understand it’s a “floating floor” but what about the floors that have furniture on them, like sofas and tables? Isn’t that the same idea as having kitchen cabinets sit on them?

Your insight and advice is eagerly awaited to resolve this matter.

26 05 2011

Hello Wicander –
I’ve installed a plank cork floor in my kitchen. So far, I am cleaning it using a vacuum, followed by a damp mop. Can you recommend a cleaning product which will clean the floor and not leave a film or harm the finish? Thanks.

30 05 2011
Carpets for Less

I love your blog. In this way you can interact with prospective costumers and can somehow help them. Cork really is a resilient flooring, it does not conduct heat or cold thus a very good insulator and of very outstanding appearance. Aside from that, its so easy to install and is naturally hypo-allergenic. It also comes of different colors, patterns and textures that suits every homeowners needs.

2 06 2011
Dennis S

? Re underlayment for a floating a Series 1000
floor over concrete.
I would like to use a pad under the floating floor for
a better thermal bread. Your install guide only
mentions 8 mil plastic. I’ve found a product called
Whisper Step that is 3 mm closed cell, so water
resistant/proof as well. Can i use this or any other
pad? Or maybe you could tell me the downside
if you can’t expand the guidelines. Slab is 30 years
old and dry, moisture is not an issue or problem.

12 09 2011
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13 09 2011

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30 09 2011

I installed Timide Identity planks in our kitchen. Overall I am very pleased with it except that some of the seams between the planks are larger than I’d like them to be. Is there a caulking that you’d recommend or some way to close the gaps after the flooring is down?

5 11 2012

I have Corkcomfort WRT floating planks (Originals Harmony) installed throughout my walkout basement, where I also have my main kitchen. I have had the flooring for about 2 years now and I am very happy with its warmth and durability, particularly with 3 children and a dog. My problem is this. It seems as though the top layer of finish has worn off in places where one particular kitchen chair slides back and forth from the table. This chair has plastic feet on the bottom and is used by a person weighing over 200 lbs. None of the other chairs have damaged the floor so I suspect that it is the weight on the chair causing the damage. The damage is only noticeable at close inspection, however, I worry that moisture could penetrate the worn areas on the floor. Is there a way that I can re-finish/repair the worn area?

11 01 2013

We have Wicanders floating cork flooring Brunette, installed throughout our lower level of our condo. However, we are not pleased with the cork installed on the stairs. We have stained oak nosings for the stairs and the nosings and cork are not flush. For example, one stair has cork of 1/8″ above the nosing at one end dipping to slightly below the nosing at the other end. Is this to be expected? Any suggestions?

12 01 2013

I grappled with the stair issue when I had my cork floors installed. I did not like the pre-made stair nosings that were available as they overlapped the edge of the cork and were not flush. This makes it difficult to sweep the stairs plus it is uncomfortable on the feet. In the end, I chose to have the stair nosings custom milled locally in maple, which matched my floors (Originals Harmony) beautifully.

10 02 2013
brian moone


I just bought a house which has a wicanders glue down floor installed about 10 years ago. For consistency, i then added replaced a carpeted area also with wicanders glue down (HGH Series 4000).

So with the old floor, some pieces are peeling in places – so kind of a plastic surface peeling off the top. is this normal? and is there anything I can do about it.

In relation to the new floor, well the glue does not seem to have been laid very well as some edges are now turning up – looks like there was not enough glue used or it wasn’t applied sufficiently at the edges.

Is this normal or a common experience – i always thought it might be difficult to glue so many pieces and expect perfect adhesion…..but was assured it was all ok! It was done by a professional flooring company – but they haven’t been able to offer any answers.

Would appreciate some advice (


13 07 2013

Hey you guys, you stopped answering peoples’ questions! If you create a blog, then pay attention to it!!

15 07 2014
Bern Gannon

Please call me, I have questions. 509 838 8471

29 10 2014

I bought your beautiful cork panels for my house. I did a lot of research before I’ve decided what kind of floor would be suitable for me especially because I have a large dog.
Eventually I went for chestnut panels with xtreme wrt varnish finish. I couldn’t buy them in Ireland as nobody here stocks your panels but I was able to buy them in Poland and they shipped them for me.
I got them installed and they looked amazing…just for next few hours… My lovely dog had a little run around the house and left nasty deep scratches on it.
I was devastated. What did I do wrong?! How could floor with such a great recommendations fail me in such a short time. I was told that this particular product is suitable for dogs.
What am I to do now?

2 01 2015

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16 05 2016

We will be installing your floating cork comfort in the coming week. We will install on a concrete slab, but have yet to rip out the carpet to see about the level. Can we simply use a thicker foam underlay if there are minor slab issues, or do we need to use self leveling concrete first? We were told that PE underlay would not be enough even if it is level, is this true? Trying to plan ahead here. Thanks!

13 01 2017
Kenneth Chooi


I like your cork flooring product WICBL2002. Can you tell me if this product is an accepted Delos Wellness certification product. I understand that it has been used for LEED projects. Have you used it in any Wellness standard projects? I want to specify it for a Wellness centre.


Kenneth Chooi
Architect AIBC.

13 01 2017
Jessica Cantrall


I’m installing the Claw Silver Oak Hydrocork flooring through my house. I want to use QuietWalk® 2-n-1 underlayment throughout. Does Wicanders recommend this product for use with its floors? If not, what type of underlayment is preferred?

Thank you,

13 05 2017
Bruce and Donna Hobson

Hi Team Wicanders,

On May 4, 2017 we purchased 700 square feet of floating Corkcomfort HSP planks and underlay. The floor is half way installed and is absolutely beautiful; however, we are concerned about running short of product. Almost every package contains two or more marred planks (48 at last count). Either the plank’s connection lip wains away to nothing or the surface finish contains noticeable gashes or air bubbles. Where possible we are cutting off the marred areas and installing the shortened plank. Hoping there is a solution to our dilemma and look forward to hearing from Team Wicanders soon. Thank you in advance.

Donna and Bruce

20 06 2017
Blair Grossman

I need to replace a row of panels in the middle of a room due to water damage do I have to remove all panels in front or behind of it in order to do this ?

Basically is there a way to install a row of panels in the middle of a room locking on both sides ?

15 02 2018

I am hiring someone to install Flock Chestnut cork comfort in an upsatirs bedroom.. To help create even more a sound barrier to the basement an underlay was suggested. Another person said an underlay is not a good idea because it can affect it from laying properly. Is an underlay a good idea or no?

26 06 2018
Anamaria Cotoara

Hello. I newly both a woodfloor VICTORIA Sand. After installation I noticed that the wood has no shine whatsoever. It looks dried out and “tired”. According to the technical specifications the wood should be oiled. Do I have to oil the floor again after installing? And If I yes, what product should I use? And also I want to know what product should I use for the regular cleaning?
Thank you for an rapid answer.

6 11 2018
Bill Daub

I am thinking of installing WRT panels on a feature wall which is under construction. Does this application require the panels to be glued down? If so, is plywood required to glue to? Or, can the panels be attached by brad nails in the tongue of each board?

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