All Cork Oak Flooring Warranties Are Not Created Equal

23 12 2008

Hello Group! Our Wicanders team has spent hours crawling the web looking to bring relevant and interesting articles to you.  We are focusing today on an article from about another company’s cork floor product line. This article mentions their Lifetime Warranty on all eco-friendly residential floors. Wow! Lifetime!

We thought we’d better check it out. For the warranty to be honored, the proper maintenance guidelines must be followed to a tee. These maintenance procedures include an extensive refinishing with an oil urethane rub throughout the entire floor area, a 6-8 hour dry time and days before the floor can even be cleaned again with a dry mop. On the flip side, Wicanders suggests using only a vacuum cleaner and a mop during regular maintenance of our Cork Oak floors.

Checking a little deeper into the warranty we learn that they guarantee the surface layer will not “wear through”.  Well, the term “wear through” is defined as the 100% reduction of the surface wear layer over an area comprising 10% the total area. 10% is not as good as it sounds, as Wicanders warranty is half that at 5%. And of course things like scratches, gouges, scuff marks, moisture, humidity, UV light, roller skates, golf shoes and pets are not covered by their warranty. Really?

So from our perspective, what good is a Cork Oak floor if you cannot live with it? We know in most homes we all have more important things to worry about then keeping up with the floor maintenance schedule. Most of us have to worry about kids running up, running down, chasing pets, and trying their new skate grind down the banister. One key to a great product is durability and low maintenance. Now that we can all live with!


Team Wicanders


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Thanks for coming to see us at Greenbuild!

8 12 2008

For those of you who made it, thank you for visiting our booth at Greenbuild! We were so excited to share with you the sustainability of Amorim’s cork products, and how they represent a unique balance between the creation of wealth and the protection of the environment.

While we all know that cork flooring is environmentally friendly because it’s bark is extracted from the cork oak trees, without ever harming them, there are many other benefits and features that make our Wicanders flooring truly stand out.

Wicanders Cork Oak Floors have received the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® product performance certification and all Wicanders products use Acrodur®, a purely water-based eco-friendly binder by BASF that contains no solvents such as the often used phenol-formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resins that give off harmful emissions. And with the best residential and commercial warranties in our industry, Wicanders is the perfect natural choice for all your green building projects.  Whether it’s in your next hospital, university, or retail installation, you can’t go wrong with Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring!

To the newcomers we met, we hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did…And for those of you who didn’t make it, we hope to see you next year!
Team Wicanders

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WWF and Amorim are Partners in Sustainable Forest Management!

24 11 2008

The World Wildlife Fund recently launched an initiative to encourage the responsible use of natural materials from the forests of Spain and Portugal. It is called the Forest Trade Iberian Network, and its mission is “to contribute to the promotion of a responsible management of forests, combating desertification and climate changes through a sustainable forest management.”

World Wide Fund for Nature


Our parent company, Amorim, is one of 17 companies partnering in this inspiring alliance! Amorim is the world leader in the Cork industry. Their many green products include cork rubber, composite cork, cork wine stoppers and our very own Wicanders Cork Oak Floors. Managing the Montado forests responsibly and combating desertification and climate change have been a priority for Amorim for quite a long time, so being a main player in this network was a natural step. You can see the positive effect Amorim and their products have had on the environment in both their 2006 and 2007 Sustainability Reports. The 2006 report was distinguished by Corporate Register with 3 awards, including one of the world’s top 3 in the “Openness & Honesty” category.cork-oak-forest

Because the production, installation and disposal of Amorim’s cork products use far less energy and raw materials than other products, Wicanders Cork Oak flooring is a truly responsible option. Wicanders floors reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the building in which they are installed, because they retain heat. To top it all off, Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring emits 2.5 to 4 times less green house emissions than hardwood flooring, and 6.5 to 11 times less green house emissions than luxury vinyl flooring!

We hope you consider Wicanders Cork Oak Floors for your next residential or commercial flooring project. Take a look and see what’s new at Wicanders in 2009!

Until next time,

Team Wicanders

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