A partnership for Sustainability

8 02 2008

You already knew that cork oak was environmentally friendly. But now cork flooring gets even greener, thanks to a unique technological breakthrough in its manufacturing process.

In an exclusive partnership, Amorim Flooring—creator of Wicanders and the world’s largest Cork and Wood-on-Cork flooring producer in the world—and BASF—the world’s leading chemical company—are proud to present the next generation of flooring and wall covering cork products. Acrodur® is a water-based binder developed by BASF that replaces traditional resins used to manufacture flooring and contains no ingredients such as phenol, formaldehyde or isocyanate and significantly reduces the level of emissions without compromising the technical performance of the products.

In 2007, BASF conducted an Eco-Efficiency Analysis to determine exactly how eco-friendly cork oak flooring is. Compared to other types of flooring, the study revealed that cork consumes less resources, generates lower emissions and retains CO2 (that would otherwise contribute to global warming) and saves homeowners money because it acts as a natural insulator, trapping heat and bringing down utility bills.There you have it. With Acrodur®, cork is now greener than ever before, while still proving a stylish, durable, warm, and long-lasting flooring alternative. Now wouldn’t you just love to come home to that?


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22 02 2008

This post inspired us a lot of
desired info on curent blog.
The message very desired.

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