Health Benefits

Think about the everyday contact people have with the floors in their home. Imagine the ground-in debris and hidden organisms living in carpets, the grit-filled grooves in cold, hard tile, the chemical fertilizers and moisture contained in hardwood. With Wicanders you can significantly reduce exposure to unhealthy particles and potentially dangerous microbes, and eliminate contact with harsh chemical glues and varnishes.

The unique cellular structure of Wicanders Cork Oak is impenetrable to moisture, mildew, fungus, dirt, debris, and insects. Each single cubic centimeter of Cork Oak contains 40 million honeycomb shaped cells. 89.7% of each cell is composed of tightly locked-in air, providing a secure barrier against moisture, thermal transfer, and unhealthy particles.

Without the use of any harsh glues or chemical sealants, Wicanders floors simply and beautifully transform the look and feel of any room. Cork Oaks’ natural resistance to ground-in dirt, bacteria, and pests, make it the perfect flooring for kitchens and many other areas of homes and businesses.


As far as step sound, Wicanders floors reduce the drum sound effect by up to 10 decibels—more than any other conventional floor covering. In impact sound reduction, (the noise your downstairs neighbors hear) the structural composition of natural Cork Oak can reduce noise from up to 20 to 24 decibels. The smooth silence is dramatic. The insulation properties of natural Cork Oak provide the perfect acoustic solution for townhomes, apartments, and condominiums. Imagine a peace and silence that just radiates through the room.

Cozy on bare feet, Wicanders Cork Oak gives a sense of organic design that is friendly to the touch and also saves energy on thermal transfer. Walking on Wicanders is a truly different experience from any other flooring. Be tender to your toes and feel the pure warmth of Wicanders’ natural Cork Oak beneath each step.


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