Frank Lloyd Wright Chose Cork Floors too!

3 11 2008

“Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity.”

–Frank Lloyd Wright

We are all familiar with Frank Lloyd Wrights‘ most famous architectural designs like Fallingwater and the Guggenheim. He designed hundreds of famous structures and enabled the evolution of modern architecture.

What does Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy have to do with Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring you ask? Well, one of the most famous concepts he developed was Organic Architecture.  This idea of promoting harmony between people and nature sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it?

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic Architecture reminds us (surprisingly enough!) of Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring. Combining nature with sustainable design is what Wicanders does so effortlessly. Not only does the design of Wicanders flooring feel pure and natural, but it is beneficial to two environments; the natural environment in which the Cork is harvested, and the environment in which Wicanders’ flooring is installed. In Portugal, the generations of families who have nurtured the cork oak trees in the Montado forests rely on them for their livelihood, and never harm the trees during the harvest process. And by choosing Cork Oak floors, we are providing a safe, healthy, comfortable, and sustainable environment for those we love. Frank Lloyd Wright would be proud.

Oh, and the best part…Frank Lloyd Wright was a fan of cork- not only did he use cork in his home and studio, but he also used Cork Floors in his most famous design, Fallingwater.

We believe Nature’s architect would be proud…both of Frank Lloyd Wrights’ vision, and other architects who have been pioneers in Organic Architecture. It’s just what nature intended!

Born of nature, and fashioned for living. What a unique idea…

Team Wicanders

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Amorim & Wicanders. Green Building, GreenStars Award Winners!

18 08 2008

We’re so proud…Interior Design magazine has recently chosen Amorim, and our Wicanders brand of naturally unique Cork Oak Flooring to receive it’s inaugural NeoCon GreenStars Award. The award was granted based on “a fantastic sustainable product and message at NeoCon 2008.” At NeoCon, Wicanders was singled out as “the only cork seller to control the entire process from seedling through harvest and manufacture, key to minimizing the product’s environmental footprint.”

Wicanders is a GreenStar Award Winner

Amorim & Wicanders—GreenStars Award Winners

Interior Design judges also praised our Xtreme WRT (wear resistant technology) finish which is considered to be the most revolutionary innovation in the flooring market. If you visit our blog often you know that our WRT finish contains tiny, ceramic, micro-beads that protect our Cork Oak floors against abrasion, scratches, UV rays, dirt, insects, and more, while guaranteeing all the natural qualities of our eco-friendly floors are preserved, letting their beauty shine through. You may want to read our story about The Mighty Penny—A Lesson in Conservation & Sustainability.

Mark Strauss, Publisher & Vice President of Interior Design magazine, writes: “The movement towards sustainability is such an important factor in our industry, and in our world, so we are naturally very excited about this new program and plan to promote it heavily.”

With all the moving, emotionally charged stories about the winning athletes at the Beijing Olympics, we thought this would be a good time to let you know about another one of our awards. Although it’s not a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal, it’s still a treasure to us.

Thank you, Interior Design magazine. We’re honored.

Team Wicanders

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Consumer Reports Says ‘Green gets better’

30 07 2008


We think so too. Our R&D department always pays close attention to Consumer Reports. They just rated [08/2008] our Series 1000 HPS (High Performance Surface) Harmony cork oak flooring from our Originals Collection. In test results for the sunlight and stain category Harmony received 2 Excellent ratings, 1 Very Good for resistance to scratches, and 2 Good ratings for water and dents. The really cool thing about our HPS finish is its durability and resilience, which is ideal for high traffic residential areas, commercial and public spaces.

Now, Consumer Reports calls our HPS layer ‘plastic’, which could give you the wrong idea…actually HPS is based on nano beads technology, where extremely tiny beads are embedded in the top layer. When compared with the standard finish this gives the whole HPS surface improved properties such as scratch, slip, scuff and stain resistance. Which is really good protection for our precious cork oak floors…and it carries a whopping 25 year residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty. Pretty good, huh?

Mentioned also, it seems as if some manufacturers of cork floors simply place a photo of cork between the surfaces of their product, but they point out that we actually use “the real stuff” (cork). How amazing is that?

"Series 1000"

"Series 1000"

Just one more thing…Consumer Reports doesn’t seem to have a category for sustainable, renewable, natural cork oak floors, so they placed Harmony in the ‘Plastic Laminate’ category. But you know the difference, of course, and the reason why our cork floors are definitely worth the price.

If you frequent our blog, you know that we make continuous efforts in R&D to optimize the shared value of every ounce of cork oak. We look forward to seeing ratings on our latest design, performance, and eco-friendly innovations: Cork Plank, Xtreme WRT and Acrodur®.

Until the next report…
Team Wicanders

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