Corkcomfort in South Africa’s First Green Hotel

16 12 2009
Cape Town, South Africa – 

Hollow on the Square Hotel

Located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, Hollow on The Square is a 4 star city hotel designed by M&B Architects & Interiors offering 114 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, all designed for comfort and tranquility.  The newly added eco-friendly rooms were conceived using nature as inspiration and incorporate materials that reflect natural comfort.

M&B chose Wicanders Corkcomfort products as an innate fit for this project.  Over 8,600 square feet of Wicanders Cork flooring cover the guest rooms, hallways and elevators, earning praise from a number of visiting guests.  Products used include Corkcomfort HPS Identity Spice, HPS Identity Chestnut and WRT Linn Sepia.  

The elegance of these materials and others used at the Hollow on The Square, M&B House, as well as the suave colors and distinctive décor, bring in a sense of total serenity, persuading visitors to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

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Let’s Raise our Glass to Cork!

13 10 2008

Our parent company, Amorim, the worlds leading cork producer, recently hosted wine writer, Liza Zimmerman, at their company headquarters in Portugal! Liza is incredibly well traveled and well versed in wine. She is one of only 100 people in the U.S to hold the Diploma in Wine and Spirits, and has been writing, educating and consulting about wine for over 15 years! While in Portugal, she learned about cork, and took some great photos along the way. You can read about her trip here, and make sure to check out her blog!

When you read Liza’s work, it is clear that she is passionate about wine. She says “I know that gathering at table is what has kept families and society together for years, and wine is an essential part of it.” Her passion is inspiring. It reminds us of the very people that harvest the Cork Oak Trees in the Montado Cork Forests. They have been dedicated to these trees for generations and generations.

photo courtesy of Liza Zimmerman

Cork Oak Tree by Liza Zimmerman

photo courtesy of Liza Zimmerman

Stacked Cork photo by Liza Zimmerman

We’d like to raise our glass to Liza for spreading the word about Cork. When we choose cork, we are helping the environment and using a sustainable and green material. Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring is proud to be part of this movement. Are you passionate about Cork? Let us know!

Cheers, Team Wicanders

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From One Great Tree to Another—A Tribute to Conservation

14 07 2008

When you are in the presence of The Angel Oak, you feel as if you are walking on hallowed ground. Everyone is strangely quiet. Whispering. In awe. Even the children realize this is not something you see everyday. They stare wide-eyed waiting for permission to approach the oldest thing—living or man-made—east of the Rockies. The Angel Oak is a live oak tree aged approximately 1,500 years, standing 65 feet high as it’s canopy shades 17,000 square feet of earth. It’s limbs—trees themselves—are so heavy some rest on the ground, go underground, then raise back up.

The Angel Oak, Johns Island, South Carolina

The Angel Oak, Johns Island, South Carolina

One of our team members recently discovered this ancient gem on a drive to John’s Island outside of Charleston, South Carolina. “The Tree” as it is reverently called in this low-country, has survived countless hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and human interference, and would have sprouted some 1000 years before Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World.

Which leads us, ever so circumspectly to Lisbon, Portugal, where Christopher Columbus reunited with his brother in 1479, and where not so far away in the town of Aguas de Moura in the Alentejo region of Portugal today stands The Whistler Tree. This great tree, the worlds oldest and largest cork oak, also magically captures our reverential respect and awe. Planted in 1783, and 225 years young, it was first harvested of its precious bark in 1820. Shorn every nine years since, it is the most productive cork oak tree on record, and is due to be harvested yet again in 2009, as anticipation and excitement grows in this vast open countryside.

The Whistler Tree, Aguas de Moura, Portugal

The Whistler Tree, Aguas de Moura, Portugal

For over 130 years and under the careful protection of Amorim, the manufacturer of Wicanders’ Cork Oak Floors, trees like The Whistler Tree are protected and allowed to grow and mature for as long as nature determines. Amorim is careful to employ their sustainability and biodiversity initiatives in the cork oak forests, as they cyclically extract and transform natural raw material from the cork oak trees without ever harming them. This practice—in respect for the economic, social, and environmental value of their livelihood—is a growing reality that other manufacturers have only now begun to emulate.

Two great trees, one in the new world, one in the old…both survivors, both magnificent, both a gift of nature. Each simultaneously benefiting mankind. We hope The Angel Oak lives on for another 1500 years, and The Whistler Tree for another 225. For Team Wicanders, it’s satisfying to know that the green building paradigm sweeping the US will save other oak trees for generations to come.

Until next time…
Team Wicanders

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