All Cork Oak Flooring Warranties Are Not Created Equal

23 12 2008

Hello Group! Our Wicanders team has spent hours crawling the web looking to bring relevant and interesting articles to you.  We are focusing today on an article from about another company’s cork floor product line. This article mentions their Lifetime Warranty on all eco-friendly residential floors. Wow! Lifetime!

We thought we’d better check it out. For the warranty to be honored, the proper maintenance guidelines must be followed to a tee. These maintenance procedures include an extensive refinishing with an oil urethane rub throughout the entire floor area, a 6-8 hour dry time and days before the floor can even be cleaned again with a dry mop. On the flip side, Wicanders suggests using only a vacuum cleaner and a mop during regular maintenance of our Cork Oak floors.

Checking a little deeper into the warranty we learn that they guarantee the surface layer will not “wear through”.  Well, the term “wear through” is defined as the 100% reduction of the surface wear layer over an area comprising 10% the total area. 10% is not as good as it sounds, as Wicanders warranty is half that at 5%. And of course things like scratches, gouges, scuff marks, moisture, humidity, UV light, roller skates, golf shoes and pets are not covered by their warranty. Really?

So from our perspective, what good is a Cork Oak floor if you cannot live with it? We know in most homes we all have more important things to worry about then keeping up with the floor maintenance schedule. Most of us have to worry about kids running up, running down, chasing pets, and trying their new skate grind down the banister. One key to a great product is durability and low maintenance. Now that we can all live with!


Team Wicanders


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4 responses

26 12 2008
Ben Thompson has a similiar post if anyone’s interested

29 12 2008
Cork - Sustainable Flooring « Sustainable Twig

[…] be worth pursuing.  Check out some of the Wicander Collection’s photos.  They also have a cork blog for those wanting to learn more about cork’s environmentally friendly […]

26 06 2010
Twilight fan

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27 06 2011
Lois Berkowitz

I am in the midst of trying to get Wicanders to honor their warranty after my Wicanders cork floor has cupped. In other areas of the house I had Forbo marmoleum installed (at the same time by the same installers) and it shows NO cupping. I am waiting for a second appeal to the distributor to come through and am not optimistic that they will support the claim. In the meantime, Wicanders won’t act on this. So that comment above “…and of course things like scratches, gouges, scuff marks, moisture, humidity, UV light, roller skates, golf shoes and pets are not covered by their warranty. Really?” leads me to ask, is this the pot calling the kettle black?

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