A Green Building Original. Cork Plank.

10 09 2008

We were admiring (as we often do) the colors and textures of our new Cork Plank and thought you may want to see a close up of one of our favorites.  We know, we shouldn’t have favorites…but this Collection and Color is so beautiful, we thought a singular focus was in order. We hope you agree that our green building Original is certainly worthy of its name.

Originals Collection, Character

Originals Collection, Character

And yes, we have other favorites too, but if you saw this in person we think you’d agree that this particular color is truly a Character all its own. If you have a flooring retailer nearby, stop in and ask for Wicanders Cork Plank Series 100. It’s Micro Beveled on 4 Sides, and it is something you really must see before you decide on any other flooring.

Until next time…

Team Wicanders

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6 responses

23 09 2008
Jim McClain

The Wicander website is down. I have flooring professional members asking about installation specifications and can’t find them. Please help us out. A Wicander cork floor is no good without proper installation.

Thank you,

The Floor Pro Community administrator

23 09 2008
barry carlton

I cannot find the maximum length and width before a ‘T’ molding is required.
Does any one here know what it is?



25 09 2008
Team Wicanders

Hey Jim!

Thanks for the feedback. We apologize for the glitch you experienced when trying to visit our website. We have contacted our technical team, and they are looking into this issue.

We are in the process of developing an installation FAQ’s section, which will be featured right here on our blog. Please be sure to check back soon.

In the meantime, please visit our US website http://us.wicanders.com/main.php for more info on installation.

And if you can’t find the answer to a specific question on the website, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll do our very best to answer all your inquiries.

Warm regards,
Team Wicanders

26 09 2008
Team Wicanders

Hi Barry!

Thanks for your question. 900 feet (30’x30’) is the maximum allowed without installing a transition. Anything over that requires a t-molding.

For more installation instructions, please visit our US website http://us.wicanders.com/main.php. We have a lot of information under the “Products” > “Installation” tab on both our glue down and floating floors.

Thanks again and please keep the questions coming!

Take care,
Team Wicanders

21 01 2010
Dave Lucas

I have purchased your Traces Chestnut plank for our bedrooms and hallway on the second floor of our house. I am aware of the 1/2″ gap to be left around the perimeter. We have an oak staircase leading up to the hallway. What is the best way to but the flooring to the upper stair tread in the hallway. I was hoping not to have a transition here as the elevations are perfect for a near seamless joint. Our cork plank will run lenghtwise across the stair tread.

What would you recommend here?

Thanks for your assistance,
Dave Lucas

21 01 2010
Ronit McGuthrie @ AFNA

Hi Dave,
We recommend a 1/2″ square nose for allowance of movement. We do not recommend for the plank to remain floating. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our office at 410-553-6062 and ask to speak to the technical dept.
Ronit McGuthrie
Amorim Flooring, N.A.

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