World Wildlife Fund, Cork Oak Trees, and the Cansino Project

2 09 2008

In a report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)…if the current cork forests in Portugal were to expand by just 20%, desertification could be stopped by the year 2020!  Working in conjunction with the Reforestation Commission since 2005, the WWF has been conducting a three year program to fight forest fires in Portugal.

World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund

“It is the first time in Portugal that such an initiative has been implemented to tackle the destruction of thousands of hectares of forests by fires,” said Luis Neves Silva, a project coordinator. “We hope this project will help reverse the accelerated loss of biodiversity and economic resources in the Algarve.”

Known as The Cansino Project (which will be concluded at the end of the 2008), the burnt areas are being restored by the strategic planting of natural cork oak trees as barriers against fires.  Naturally resistant to fires, the cork oak trees play a major role in redesigning forest landscapes.

“Key to the success of the Cansino project is participation by everyone, from forest and plantation owners, to local authorities,” said Jose Rosendo, engineer at the Reforestation Commission.

We always knew that the cork oak forests were special…not only for the 14,000+ people the cork industry employs but also because of cork’s other amazing properties that make our eco-friendly cork flooring so special. A natural resistance to fires is only one!

Strategically and practically, Wicanders Cork Oak Floors are worth considering in your next residential or commercial green building project, given the added opportunity of creating shared value for man and nature. Which is, by the way, just what nature intended…

Team Wicanders

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17 09 2008

I thought that the below release might be of interest to you and your readers as the World Wildlife Fund has just welcomed JohnsonDiversey into the Climate Savers Program:


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