Save Miguel

7 08 2008

Hey there, good people!

Can you help us save Miguel?

Rob Schneider is already in on our journey, as he travels to Portugal and helps us find Miguel.

But who is Miguel?

Amorim, the world’s largest cork manufacturer and creator of our Cork Oak Flooring (as you know, any remaining materials from their cork wine stopper production are incorporated into other high-value applications such as our precious floors), has just unveiled a worldwide campaign that involves more than a Hollywood star on a wild adventure…

Check out the video and tell us what you think.

Visit to pledge your support, meet hundreds of members of Facebook’s Save Miguel Group, and share your thoughts and experiences about this absolutely unique natural product.

But, above all, please make a difference by becoming a supporter of cork forests by always choosing natural cork for your wine bottle stoppers—and floors too! 🙂

Until our next adventure…

Team Wicanders

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5 responses

8 08 2008
Blind Muscat

Dear Team Wicanders —

Nice video. And a fine cause.

Blind Muscat

14 08 2008

Save Miguel e salvem também as micro e pequenas empresas que vivem da produção das rolhas, pois os grandes empresários industriais, estão a dar sentença de morte aos pequenos industrais.O lobby corticeiro (os grandes tubarões) querem ficar com odominio total desta industria. Até o grande Américo Amorim e os seus sete irmãos nasceram de uma pequenina fábrica de rolhas, se nessa altura lhe tivessem feito o mesmo, de certeza absoluta que hoje não seria ohomem mais rico de Portugal.

16 08 2008

Save Miguel! É uma boa causa, mas também é preciso salvar a industria da cortiça. Esta, está a desaparecer. Porquê? Porque meia dúzia de grandes industriais estão a sufocar e a matar as micro e pequenas empresas de rolhas.
Save Miguel e salvem os Corticeiros

16 08 2008

Save Miguel! is a good purpose, but you must save the cork industry. This is disappearing. Why? Because a handful of big industrial are stifling and kill the micro and small factories of stoppers.
Save Miguel and save Miguel-Worker

19 08 2008

Unfortunately most wine bottles in Australia have metal screw caps….

But we might design new products made of cork 🙂

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