What does this fascinating feline have to do with flooring?

10 03 2008

lynx.jpeg“Something radical must happen to save the lynx or it will be gone within the decade, making it the first feline species extinction since the sabre-tooth tiger in prehistoric times” says Eduardo Gonzales, WWF cork oak campaigner and author of The Algarve Tiger, a book about the Iberian lynx. The decline in the lynx population is due to a number of factors including scarcity of prey and loss of cork oak forests. Contrary to belief, it’s actually the use of cork oak that sustains this beautiful cat’s habitat.

Cork oak forests are valuable in quite a few ways. They’re home to a rich variety of endangered wildlife, including the Iberian imperial eagle in Spain and Portugal and the Barbary deer in Tunisia. Also, more than 80,000 people depend on the cork industry in the Mediterranean, which helps support a unique mix of agriculture and forestry, according to WWF. There you have it: The more cork oak we use, the less our environment and the Iberian Lynx have to lose.

To learn more about supporting these beautiful creatures visit our friends at Fauna & Flora International.

Till next time,
Team Wicanders

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